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Hi, I'm Tim the "Dad" and I'm Megan the "Daughter"!


We really enjoy playing games together. We started back when Megan was young and played video games like Mario Kart, Star Wars Battlefront, etc. We had always played the classic kids games such as Candy Land, Guess Who, and Uno, but several years ago we started playing more of the hobby board games like Lords of Waterdeep, Thebes, Elder Sign, etc.


One year at Gen Con we were at the Fantasy Flight booth playing Elder Sign while we were waiting for a demo spot to open up. Another gamer walked up and wanted to learn the game. That was the defining moment when we knew we wanted to launch our channel!

Since 2014, we've continued to attend Gen Con and Origins, as well as bringing over hundreds of play through videos to our channel. 

Please feel free to follow along on our YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter pages for more up to date content. 

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